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Up, Up & Away 


    Up, Up & Away 

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underrated silence


    underrated silence

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  3. Mind has been silent

                Was a much needed reprieve

    Now it speaks again

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  4. Close Your Eyes

    Close your eyes

    As the sun descends

    Bringing to us the night

    Feel me

    I’m next to you

    Even if under different skies

    I take your hand.

    Close your eyes

    And feel my touch

    As subtle as the breeze


    A hint of warmth

    Threatening to overtake

    I desire you.

    Close your eyes

    And feel my lips

    Brushing against yours


    Sweet embrace

    Changing in intensity

    I take you in.

    Close your eyes

    And hear my voice

    Can you still remember

    My sound?

    Words spoken

    Does it continue to resonate?

    I whisper to you.

    Close your eyes

    Be here with me.

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  5. Skin

    I now see the numerous scars
    covering your beautiful body
    with the finest of lines
    that can be read much like brail
    unequivocally telling your story
    why have I never seen them before?
    but now I cannot ignore.

    To exchange one’s skin
    to rip it away from the flesh
    such a burning desire
    but one that can never be realized
    and everything that it has been through
    shall be a permanent reminder
    of what has been.

    Your expression shows me
    how you struggle for each breath
    skin slowly tightening
    around your protruding bones
    almost transparent in its consistency
    ready to tear under duress
    ready to split at any moment.

    You search out your reflection
    trying to make sense of it all
    but you can’t and instead
    you are harrowing your mirror
    covering my eyes to spare me your tears
    but I have already decided
    I cannot leave you here.

    I will take away what hurts
    I will smooth out the scars.

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by Charles Bukowski


    by Charles Bukowski

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  7. Above The Surface

    Darkness invites my spirit
    Into its solitary realm
    With its empty promises
    Taking my life by the helm
    Light harder to see
    Dragging me farther away
    My reflection no longer me
    Gone is the light of day

    The ignorance of memory
    The dissipation of the soul
    In search of forgiveness
    I’m trying to let go
    Felt with every breath
    Each step brings it closer
    Feeling its true depth
    Much needed closure

    And with the rising sun
    My eyes I must shield
    Here above the surface
    Finally the walls have yield
    I have found my way
    Back amongst the living
    The warmth I must say
    Is so much more giving

    *I am not big on rhyming, but this one just seemed to flow that way

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  8. In My Head

    All I hear
    In my head
    Is your beautiful voice
    It has everything
    I’m searching for
    And the story it tells
    Will get me through
    Another desolate night.

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  9. karlscott:

    Humanity CAN do good things for each other!! so beautiful I love it when humanities cleverness does something to benefit itself. Amazing. I cant even imagine what this must have felt like! Lovely, emotional, and touching.


    “I was born deaf and 8 weeks ago I received a hearing implant. This is the video of them turning it on and me hearing myself for the first time :) Edit: For those of you who have asked the implant I received was Esteem offered by Envoy Medical”

    Wow :’) i could not stop smiling so big and tearing up

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  10. Different Faces of Silence

    Sometimes the silence
    is deafening, mind 
    piercing and unbearable.
    At other times the silence
    is soothing, mind
    depressurized and welcomed.
    What I need to find is a
    happy medium, mind
    neither about to explode nor go numb…

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  11. Why?

    Your purpose is to dispel 
    my inflictions
    To wipe clean my slate,
    to steal the key that belongs
    to the door of my past.
    Instead you drag me deeper
    leaving me unsure if I will be
    able to drag myself out
    next time,
    door left wide open. 
    All I ask is why,
    with never a response…

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  12. (via bearingmypoordiction)

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  13. Waiting Room

    I’m sitting here,
    anticipating what
    this appointment
    will bring. 
    Even though I know
    every second Wednesday 
    I will be here,
    I still can never prepare
    for what’s to come. 

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  14. Sneezing can be good
                  I love the release, but please
    Not ten in a row!!!

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  15. Marionette

    I was your marionette
    movements cannot be anticipated
    totally dependent on you
    to choose which strings to operate
    to make me dance.

    And even in death
    I awaited your manipulations
    still unable to move
    without your precise directions
    of how to be.

    But now I cut the ties
    no longer being there upon your stage
    I shall no longer dance
    to the tune you so hauntingly sang
    from the grave.

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